The HealthPlan Data Solutions Team

Executive Leadership

Ron Hamm

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Hamm is a Health Care Executive with over 35 years of Business and Clinical expertise in the Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Pharmacy and HealthPlan arena. Read More

Clark Seiling

Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Operating Officer

Clark Seiling leads all financial functions in addition to all strategic efforts around fundraising, M&A, investor relations, etc. Clark also uses his background in corporate law to serve as the company’s general counsel. Read More

R. Michael Blevins

Chief Information Officer,

Michael Blevins is a 28-year IT professional. Mr. Blevins developed a skill set in functional ERP, software development, and database management, focusing in the area of application performance. Read More

Byron Mickle

Chief Growth Officer

Byron Mickle is a seasoned healthcare executive with nearly four decades of experience working with health insurance and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies. Byron’s 32 years of PBM experience have included a variety of roles. Read More

Our Team

Rebecca Bainter, PharmD

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Jeff Baldetti

Vice President of Product and Marketing

Robert Blevins

Vice President, Chief Architect

Doug Bruce

Vice President of Human Resources

Gary Conte

Vice President of Business Development

Todd Coulter

Vice President of Client Services

Julianne Greenwalt

Account Manager

Sterling Harpst, PharmD

Director of Sales & Marketing

Shannon Hoppert

Lead QA Analyst

Sara Rain

Senior Business Analyst

Mark Robbins, PharmD

Vice President of Clinical Analytics

Zak Shepherd

Senior Pharmacy Data Analyst

Jenna Wood, PharmD

Clinical Applications Consultant

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