HDS Releases Spotlight Platform

HealthPlan Data Solutions launches new self-service Spotlight Platform to bring unparalleled insight into pharmacy claims data

April 4, 2023

  • HDS launches new SaaS-based pharmacy claims data platform, Spotlight
  • Website refresh displays new, comprehensive suite of product offerings
  • Spotlight provides healthcare payers the opportunity to access actionable insights and drive greater visibility into their pharmacy benefit spend

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Business Wire) — HealthPlan Data Solutions, Inc. (HDS) today announced the launch of their first self-service platform, Spotlight, and an accompanying suite of products to bring greater visibility into pharmacy claims data for healthcare payers. With Spotlight, payers can save time, drive pharmacy benefit cost savings, and gain unparalleled control of their pharmacy benefit performance all in one platform.

Leveraging over 250 proprietary claim scanning algorithms, AI, and comprehensive payer contract language processing, Spotlight provides customers a single place that connects claims data to pharmacy benefit contracts and health plan design. Michael Blevins, HDS Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer says, “Spotlight is the culmination of more than a decade of technical innovation paired with our team’s specialized clinical pharmacy knowledge that puts our customers in control of their claims data like never before.”

Despite a data-rich environment, the pharmacy industry has never lacked data insights more than today. Current solutions silo pharmacy data across multiple systems and rely heavily on manual processes to bring information together. This process can quickly become complex, time consuming, and resource intensive for payers to manage. Spotlight represents a new standard of pharmacy data visibility and will empower payers to better understand and take action on their data in real-time.

Dee Sarbok, HDS Co-Founder and CEO, said that “placing our internally developed systems in the hands of our customers was a natural evolution for our product line. We believe having a SaaS-based solution represents an exciting new chapter for our company and a powerful option for the customers we serve. Increasing the transparency of pharmacy data and having the ability to drive meaningful cost-savings to health plans is paramount to curbing the increasing cost of US drug spend.”

A detailed review of the full HDS product suite can be found at the following link.

About HealthPlan Data Solutions

HealthPlan Data Solutions (HDS) is an industry leading pharmacy analytics company that specializes in providing payment integrity solutions, campaign management, and pharmacy claims insights. Our technology platform, Spotlight, leverages over 250 proprietary claim scanning algorithms and AI, matched with clinical expertise to provide actionable pharmacy benefit intelligence.

Founded by a team of pharmacists and IT professionals, HDS helps our customers identify, fix, and continuously monitor prescription claims data to maximize the value of their pharmacy benefit plans.

CONTACT: Jeff Baldetti, Vice President, Marketing and Products jeff.baldetti@hds-rx.com


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