Bridging the Divide Between Payers and PBMs with Payment Integrity Solutions

HDS is a software solutions company that leverages leading-edge technologies and industry expertise to drive out over-spend and deficiencies in contract compliance, design, and terms in the pharmacy distribution channel, thereby delivering cost savings, accuracy, and compliance. Our emphasis on data-driven accuracy supports better outcomes for payers, PBMs, and the members they serve.

Our Unique Approach to Payment Integrity

HealthPlan Data Solutions was established in 2010 by a team of pharmacists and IT professionals who saw a need for a more objective, fact-based approach to managing pharmacy benefit costs. The HDS technology platform is about more than PBM auditing, comprehensive claims reviews, and cost-containment. We strive to deliver total, near real-time transparency in the pharmacy distribution channel with data-driven tools that promote accuracy and enable payers, PBMs, and government agencies to manage their pharmacy benefit more proactively and eliminate errors and over-spending.


To be the leading pharmacy analytics platform.

Our Mission

To identify, fix, and monitor prescription claim discrepancies and provide solutions to maximize the value of pharmacy benefit plans.

“We are a data analytics technology company with a SaaS-based payment integrity platform. Our team of pharmacy reimbursement experts delivers immediate strategic value and financial savings to our clients.”

Gary Rutherford, Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder

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