Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

The pressure to demonstrate transparency and compliance has never been greater. HealthPlan Data Solutions’ (HDS) leading-edge software solutions enable you to evaluate your current performance against industry benchmarks and receive certification to increase trust with your existing and prospective commercial payers and government agencies.

Show Your Commitment to Transparency and Payment Integrity

HDS is a Software Solutions Company that Helps PBMs Optimize Results

Ensure Compliance

Demonstrate that you’ve met contractual and regulatory obligations by leveraging HDS technology platform tools to perform real-time assessments of every claim.

Build Trust

Gain access to data-driven quality assurance tools that can demonstrate accuracy, transparency, and payment integrity to existing and prospective clients while helping you proactively address payment discrepancies.

Stay Competitive

Receive third-party validation from HDS and gain an advantage in the marketplace as well as with new prospects and current clients.

“In the first year, Rx costs for our group were reduced by 22%. We experienced another 5% reduction in the second year with flat utilization. I would highly recommend HDS because of their attention to detail and cost saving abilities.”

Mark Pettitt, President & CEO of Preferred Benefits Services Inc.

Improve Payment Integrity and Build Customer Trust