HDS Professional Insight™

The pressure to internally manage pharmacy benefit compliance, reporting, and analysis can be overwhelming — especially when your experts are already spread thin. HDS Professional Insights is a customized suite of software solutions that drives pharmacy reimbursement efficiencies with services such as formulary management, clinical consulting, and provider and custom analyses.

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Bridge Organizational Gaps with Data-driven Insight and Pharmacy Expertise


Avoid risk by collaborating with HDS subject matter experts who are fully versed on current industry regulations and have access to technologies that can ensure your organization is in compliance.


Engage our experts to run an HDS Pharmacy Spend Analysis™ so you can better understand how your PBM is performing and where progress can be made.


Tap into our expert support for managing all aspects of oversight and reporting to legislatures, CMS, Governors, and other regulatory bodies.

Bridge the Pharmacy Reimbursement Gap with HDS Expertise