HDS Claims Insight™

HealthPlan Data Solutions (HDS) is a software solutions company with proprietary analytics technology that enables payers to avoid risks and identify cost savings while giving PBMs an objective performance measurement that can help build client confidence.

HDS Claim Scan™

Analyze 100% of adjudicated pharmacy claims in five key domains: contract adherence, plan design, regulatory compliance, treatment protocols, and price and formulary management to identify and fix errors prior to payment.

HDS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse™

Leverage data analytics and AI to evaluate prescription medications against 28+ compliance criteria and identify anomalies in drug utilization and prescribing patterns.

HDS Query Insight™

Gain more autonomy with direct access to your prescription, patient, and prescriber data, so you can make faster decisions and operationalize your workflow. You can create, save, and re-run custom queries at any time.

Pharmacy Claims Integrity That Benefits Everyone

Cost Savings

Comprehensive, real-time analysis of pharmacy claims creates prepayment guardrails around the pharmacy benefit, resulting in continuous improvement and bending the cost curve.

Strategic Solutions

HDS pharmacy reimbursement experts help you identify the right solutions based on your unique organizational needs and reimbursement gaps.

Data-Driven Insight

Ongoing analysis and measurement of your pharmacy claims offer unmatched visibility and insight to help you make informed decisions and drive pharmacy benefit performance forward.

Get More Value from Your PBM